How do I get rid of moles?

How do I get rid of moles?

How do I get rid of moles?

This might be the most asked question I’ve ever had. How do I get rid of moles? There are many products out there that are designed to repel or kill moles. How do you figure out which one is the best?

Types of products used to kill or repel moles

1. Repellents

Scent repellents most often consist of some kind of castor oil product, whether it be liquid or granulated. These often fail due to the scent not penetrating the soil deep enough to disturb the mole.

Vibration repellents are designed to scare off the mole creating a buzzing sound in the vicinity of the mole’s activity. These often fail due to the need for batteries needing change every two weeks.

2. Baits

Poison peanuts or gummy worms are the most common baits for moles. The problem with them is that moles eat LIVING creatures such as Earthworms, Night Crawlers and Grub Worms as well as some insects. Here are some things to consider with bait.

  • The chance of them actually eating poison is pretty low
  • The could eat the poison, get sick for a few days, but still not die
  • If that happens, they’ll never go near the baited items again.

Will treating for Grub Worms get rid of moles?

NO! This is probably the number one thing that people believe about getting rid of moles. I’m not sure of the origin of this lie, but I wish the truth would be posted on the evening news every night!

There are significantly more Earthworms in the soil than Grub Worms. The products created to prevent Grub Worms for damaging your lawn are only designed for them and very little else. AND YOU CAN’T KILL EARTHWORMS IN THE LAWN WITHOUT SEVERELY MISUSING INSECTICIDES……and not to mention that Earthworms are really good for the soil.

The only way to truly rid your lawn of moles is by pulling a dead one from the soil!

There are a few different types of mole traps that have been used over the year with great success.

  • Harpoon
  • Choker loop
  • Scissor-jawed

Here is a link to a video the scissor-jawed style of mole traps. These traps are my favorite and the ones that I have been most successful with. As you can tell in the video, they are very easy to set and use!

That’s all I have for today! Good luck on your mole hunting and have a great day!