japanese beetle

japanese beetle


I’ve had 20 phone calls about this in the last 3 days. I’ve actually been monitoring trees for the last 2 weeks in preparation for their arrival. 2 Fridays ago they weren’t there, but 3 days later they were! Like bad weekend guests that came to visit but didn’t go home.

In case your not familiar with what I’m talking about……

What is their life cycle?

Japanese Beetles are the adult form of a grub worm that often overwinters in the soil. They usually burrow deep in the soil during the colder months and then move closer to the surface as the soil warms up. They will then transform from Grub to Beetle through a metamorphosis and the adult is what we see above ground feeding on the leaves of our trees and shrubs.

What trees do they like to feed on the most?

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles

In my experience, Linden Trees are their favorite delicacy. The are usually devoured immediately and within a week if not sprayed. Birch Trees, Ornamental Crab Apples, fruit producing apple trees, Rose bushes, Ornamental Plums and Cherry Trees are on their menu too. I’ve seen them on Maples, Pines and Oaks this year, but they haven’t show serious signs of defoliation.

How do I get rid of them?

After the emergence of the adult Japanese Beetle, a liquid insecticide in usually the most effective way of control. There are MANY insecticides that are labeled for Japanese Beetles. Hy-Yield Bug Blaster has the same active ingredient of the products that we use with great results. Be sure to read the label and follow the directions of what ever product you use. YOU CAN NOT USE MANY OF THESE PRODUCTS ON FOOD PRODUCING PLANTS!

I have my lawn treated for Grubs, why do I still have them?

This is a fantastic question! Grub worms dwell in the soil of our lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens. Like Earthworms, they can be beneficial for aerification purposes. All Grub treatment products are designed to reduce the Grub worm population to a tolerable level so that they don’t eat the roots of the grass and damage the lawn. NO GRUB TREATMENT PROGRAM WILL ELIMINATE 100% OF THE GRUB WORM POPULATION! Most of the Grub treatment products are going to be unsafe for edibles, so use of them in the garden is out of the question.

If your neighbors haven’t treated their lawns with Grub preventer products, the beetles that you are seeing on your trees could very well be from your neighbors lawn!

I bought the traps to catch them, is that good enough?

No. These traps are baited with pheromones or sweet smelling scents that have been shown to attract significantly more beetles than are usually caught.

That’s all I have for today! Good luck with your Japanese Beetle hunting and have a great day!