Northland Kansas City Lawn Care Services

Our full-service lawn care program has one goal: to give you a healthy and thick lawn you can be proud of all season long.

Professional Lawn Fertilization Company in Kansas City, Mo

Fertilization & Weed Control

Our lawn care program keeps your lawn fertilized and healthy from Winter to Fall with our multi-step fertilization plan.


Professional Lawn Aeration Company in Kansas City, Mo

Lawn Aeration

Spring and fall aerations are included if necessary. This will help deliver nutrients to the roots of our fertilization applications.


Professional Lawn Pest Control Service in Kansas City, MO

Grub & Insect Prevention

Grubs and insects can damage everything we’ve worked for. We’ll make sure your lawn is cleared and prevented from these pests.


Our Complete Lawn Care Solution

A season-long lawn care solution you no longer have to worry about. We’ll take care of the health of your lawn all year, from fertilization to grub and insect control.

Season Long Care & Preventatives

Our clients come to us with one goal in mind: to have the best lawn. That’s exactly what we do.

We cultivate and nourish lawns to be the best they can be. No yards are the same and are prone to different diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies. That’s why we treat every job with a deliberate plan based on unique conditions.

At Green Seasons, we make your goal our goal.

Our Full-Service Treatment Plan

Our six-step lawn care plan is spread out throughout the year for maximum effectiveness.

Crabgrass Preventer

March – April

Feeds the lawn and prevents certain grassy weeds such as foxtail and crabgrass from becoming a nuisance during the mid-summer months. Certain broadleaf weeds can be treated at this time, depending on the temperatures.

Spring Fertilizer with Weed Control

April – June

Provides a second treatment to prevent grassy weeds. It controls dandelions and clover as they start to emerge. A light feeding is provided to maintain good color in the lawn going into the warm summer months.

Summer Insect Control

June – July

Helps control certain insects that can damage the turf such as armyworms and sod webworms.

Grub & Insect Prevention

June – July

Creates an environment where beetle larvae (known as grub worms) cannot develop and feed off of the roots in your turf, which would kill sections of the lawn during the late summer months.

Fall Fertilizer with Weed Control

September – November

Provides a feeding that will replenish the nutrients lost during the growing season. It will control any broadleaf weeds (such as dandelions and clover) that have sprouted during the growing season.

Winter Fertilizer

November – December

Provides a feeding that will encourage strong root development and consistently boost green growth in the spring.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

The things our clients say about us is what keeps us motivated to continually provide the best lawn care services possible.

“This is my 1st year using them and my yard looks so much better. Locally owned business that takes pride in their work.”

Jim Owens

“This company worked a miracle on my lawn. Bermuda grass took over my entire front lawn. Green Seasons worked up a customized plan to get rid of it and it worked! I’m so thrilled!”

Dottie Dickey

“This is the third year I have used this service. They are very conscientious, very friendly, and conform to our special needs.”

John Kaye

Tree & Shrub Services

Lawns aren’t all we do. We also provide fertilization and disease prevention services to your trees and shrubs.

Complete Tree Care With One Call

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy with our tree and shrub care program. Along with keeping your lawn fertilized, disease, and insect free, we’ll do the same for your trees.

Professional Insect Control in Kansas City, MO

Insect Control

Trees are a haven for pests that eat away at them. We take care of these for you.

Tree Care Company in Kansas City, Mo

Tree Fertilization

Like our lawns, our trees need to receive proper nutrients to stay healthy all year long.

Tree Fungus Control Company in Kansas City, MO

Fungus Control

Trees are prone to unsightly fungi and diseases. We’ll help you prevent and get rid of that.

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