Your Neighborly Lawn Care Company for Over 40 Years

Green Seasons Lawn & Tree Service has been serving the Clay and Platte County areas for over 40 years. It’s been our mission since then to provide our clients with the best and most custom services to each lawn. Your lawn isn’t just a number. Which means it needs its own treatment plan. And we understand that.

Why Choose Us


Trusted by the Northern Kansas City area for over 40 years.

Licensed & Insured

Green Seasons is a licensed and insured lawn care provider.


We explain our treatment processes thoroughly so you know what you’re getting and why.

Who We Are and How We Started

Green Seasons started right here in Kearney, Missouri over 40 years ago. The ownership changed in 2010, but our values, knowledge, and beliefs stayed the same.

Keeping the Relationships with Our Clients

Since the creation of Green Seasons and even through the change of ownership, our clients have been our number one priority. 

We don’t only believe in providing the best service possible, but also arming our clients with the knowledge of the product we’re using and how to keep your lawn healthy and growing between treatments.


Our Top Priority is Our Clients

Each of our clients is different and each has their own unique lawn that needs help with different things. That’s why we provide a custom approach to every lawn we treat.

Accurate Diagnosis

Our assessment of your lawn isn’t a template assessment. It’s custom and accurate to what your lawn needs for optimal growth.

Relevant Practices

We don’t use outdated practices or perform services that aren’t going to yield the most results in the most efficient way possible.

Great Communication

We aim to be as transparent as possible. If there’s an issue with your lawn, we’ll let you know before making a decision ourselves.

Educating Our Clients

The effectiveness of our treatments depends on a lot of factors including weather and maintenance between treatments. We’ll give you the knowledge needed to maintain your beautiful lawn.

Our Mission

To provide the best quality lawn care service with accurate diagnosis, relevant practices, and great communication to our customers. Green Seasons Lawn and Tree Service promote the ideals of efficient use of product to eliminate waste, the educational approach to teach our customers “why”, and the business version of the Golden Rule in relationships with customers, emplyees, and suppliers.

Our Lawn Care and Tree Services

Our full-service lawn care and tree care packages are designed to take care of our customers with one goal in mind: having a healthy, hardy, and beautiful landscape all season long.

Full-Service Lawn Care program

A full-service lawn care program that includes fertilization, weed control, aeration, and lawn pest control and prevention.

Tree & Shrub Care

Complete tree care for all of your trees and shrubs that encompasses tree fertilization, fungus, disease, and tree pest removal and prevention.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The things our clients say about us is what keeps us motivated to continually provide the best lawn care services possible.

“This is my 1st year using them and my yard looks so much better. Locally owned business that takes pride in their work.”

Jim Owens

“This company worked a miracle on my lawn. Bermuda grass took over my entire front lawn. Green Seasons worked up a customized plan to get rid of it and it worked! I’m so thrilled!”

Dottie Dickey

“This is the third year I have used this service. They are very conscientious, very friendly, and conform to our special needs.”

John Kaye

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