Who is the best lawn care company in the Kansas City Metro?

Are you searching for a lawn care company that you can trust? Are you weighed down by the number of companies that pop up when you search the internet? Who is the best lawn care company to choose from?

Is the lawn care company locally owned?

If the lawn care company isn’t locally owned, you will probably end up having your phone calls transferred to an office from outside of the Kansas and Missouri area. This slows down the process of getting your problems solved. Some of the best lawn care companies are locally owned.

Will the same person do the work each time (assuming more than one service is scheduled)

If you don’t get the same person on your property each time, then no one is going to have the chance to build a relationship with you and learn all of the details of your property. The best company will have the stability of having the same person treat your lawn each time

Do they guarantee their work in writing?

A guarantee simplifies any dispute between you and the company. If there is no confusion, then you’ll always know what to expect. With that being said, most lawn care companies usually provide some kind of guarantee on their work. All you need to decide is which one you trust most.

Is the lawn care company licensed and insured in the States of Missouri and Kansas?

Being licensed and insured is required by the state of Kansas and Missouri to apply any kind of chemical. If it is a firm that has multiple employees, then liability and workman’s comp is required. If the lawn care company is a single owner/operator, then only liability is required.

Do I know anyone that uses this lawn care service in the Kansas City area?

If you know someone who uses them, ask them if they would recommend them. The Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are other ways to find referrals for local companies.

What kind of search criteria do you use when making a decision on whom to hire for a service or project?